Upfront navigated distance

We recently launched compensation based on estimated route distance instead of straight line distance. However, up until now, we have still been showing you the straight-line distance when a new task was suggested to you. We understand this has not been ideal and our team has been working hard over the last weeks to fix it.

From 10.06, we will finally be able to show you the route distance for both the pickup and drop-off tasks when a new task is suggested to you! 🎉

Remember, the route distance is the distance you will be compensated based on for each task but it is still an estimate which might vary from the actual distance you drive in some cases.

This change will enable you to have a more accurate estimate of the effort required to deliver a task before you accept it. 👍

Update your app to version 2.35.0 to get the new feature

The improvement is part of our newest version of the app, which you can update via the button below if you haven't already.

Here are some examples:

The first example shows a single task order or a first order in bundled order mode. It shows how far it would take to get to the customer, how far it would take to get to the restaurant/shop and the total distance traveled. In the example below, the total route distance is 4.2km, including a pickup task of 1.2km and a drop-off task of 3.0km.

In the second screenshot you can see an example of bundled orders - in this case, it is the second order of a trip. You can also see the distance to the restaurant/shop and the distance to the customer. The example shows the extra distance that would be required to deliver this bundled order.

The third screenshot shows the distance as a straight line, in case unexpected situations arise where the app cannot calculate the navigated distance. But don't worry, even in those rare cases where you see the approximate distance in a straight line before accepting the task, you will still be compensated by the distance on the real road!

The payment model will not be affected by this app update - it will remain the same as it is now! It is important to note that the finance page will remain unchanged. You will continue to successfully see the breakdown of your income by orders and distances travelled! We would also like to remind you that every Wolt courier-partner has the option to not accept an order offered to them, regardless of the mode of delivery: single or grouped.