No contact delivery

We would like to remind you of the rules for contactless delivery:

1. Leave the order off at the customer's door or at another location specified by the customer.

2. Knock or ring the doorbell and move a few metres away from the door.

3. Wait for the customer to open the door. If no one answers the door, call your customers on the phone.

4. Once the customer opens the door, ask for their name and check if it matches the name of the order 💙

5. When the customer picks up the food, mark the order as delivered. If the customer does not pick up and does not show up, notify our support team immediately. They will inform you what to do next.

After all, it's not just for the safety of your customers, it's for your own safety too! It's also very important that you make sure the customer actually picks up the order when you leave it at the door! Increasingly, higher value orders are coming in from various shops and stores, and we don't want them to go to the wrong hands and end up with financial consequences.