Heating of bags

New bags for courier partners who operate with a car

Although these bags do not have a heating element, they have very good thermal insulation properties, so the food should arrive to the customer warm!

For courier partners with a black car bag, we would still like to remind you of a very important aspect of order delivery - heating of bags. To keep your bags warm, they should always be switched on, except when you have to go to a restaurant or to customers.

Only with basket heating, high-quality order reach the customer - as if it had just come from the kitchen. You will probably agree that when ordering takeaway food, the temperature is one of the most important things in the experience, and nothing could be worse than cold food. We would also like to thank those courier partners who are conscientious in their use of heating.

You can also protect yourself from the cold, rain and bad weather with Wolt clothing to keep you comfortable and warm. It can also provide you with other benefits:

1. With Wolt clothing, you can protect your personal clothing from faster wear and tear. Also, if your Wolt garments get dirty or torn, you don't have to worry about washing or repairing them - just come in to exchange (or book a free courier service) the unusable garment and we'll take care of the rest.

2. Wearing Wolt clothing makes you more easily and quickly identifiable. You can enter shopping centres more easily without having to show your passport, and customers will be able to recognise you faster. Save your time!

3. The Wolt inner and outer jacket is windproof, rainproof and snow proof, but thanks to its excellent thermal insulation properties, it keeps you warm even when the temperature is below -15 degrees outside.