How to prepare for a successful day and optimise your earnings?

Weather forecasts and proper clothing

A good day for delivering orders and activities starts with making sure you're ready for it. Check your city's weather forecasts and make sure you wear the right amount of clothing for the temperature outside, and rainproof clothing if it's raining in the city at the time (the Wolt summer jacket does the job). It may take more time to properly prepare for the weather, but you'll thank yourself for it later in the day! Checking the weather forecast will also let you know if you would encounter slippery road surfaces in the city at that time, and if you need to be more cautious when crossing bridges or open spaces in the wind. When wind speeds are stronger than 25 km/h or 7 m/s, you should take extra care. We also share with you some weather forecast websites:

Clean equipment

As a Wolt courier partner, it is your responsibility to ensure that your orders are delivered with a tidy bag. A clean bag is essential to ensure the quality of the food and good service. So how efficiently and how often should you maintain your bag? The simplest answer is that you should clean your bag every day, before you start delivering orders! Only by keeping it clean after each delivery, removing food residues and leaving it open to dry, can you prevent the growth of bacteria in your basket!

Don't forget to charge your mobile device or external battery

Before you hit the city streets, make sure your mobile device is ready to serve you and help you deliver orders throughout your day! It's also a good idea to carry an external battery with you to ensure that even if your mobile device runs out of power, you don't have to remember the addresses of restaurants, shops or customers, and you can recharge it to keep your business running! Visit our partner Samsung store to find the right external battery for you.

How to optimise earnings?

As a reminder, planning when and where to join can have a significant impact on your income. Use the table below to see the best times to join the app!


Remember to stay safe when doing deliveries. Since you spend most of your operating hours on the road, you need to pay close attention to safety. There are some basic precautions you can take to stay safe. Obey the rules of the road, use your mobile device safely and make sure your vehicle and equipment are in good condition.

The best indicators of a higher number of orders are peaks. At peak times, the number of orders is ALWAYS higher than at normal times. On weekdays, the closer you get to the weekend, the higher the number of orders, especially at peak times. Friday is the hottest day of the week! Especially the evening peak, when all records are broken. On the weekend, orders spike as lunchtime approaches and "hold" until the evening. So the whole weekend is the perfect time for more income.

To maximise earnings, it is a good idea to wait for orders in hot spots. These are the places with the highest concentration of restaurants and shops. The more restaurants and/or shops near you, the more likely you are to get orders and maximise your income. It is a good idea to join in these areas and move towards them after deliveries have been made, thus maximising the number of delivery orders.

All Wolt courier-partners have the possibility to see the expected daily demand in the app! Based on 4 weeks of data, this feature allows you to see what time of the day would be the most worthwhile to log in and replenish your pockets. This way, you can plan your log-in times perfectly and predict when orders will be at their peak!

A mixed order is an order that the customer receives instead of the order they placed. We would like to share with you some tips that we believe can help you avoid mixed order situations as much as possible.

Please check your order before leaving the restaurant. Did you know that most of the time when an order is mixed up, it happens while the courier-partner is still inside the restaurant? We agree that as a Wolt courier-partner you have to deal with fast-paced orders, but it is always better to ''measure nine times and reap the tenth'', i.e. to make sure that the restaurant has prepared and delivered to the customer what they ordered when they pick up their order. Also check that the customer's name or order number is written on the bag.

When you pick up an additional order after you have an order, make sure to separate the two orders in the basket and remember which order should go to the customer. Before handing over the order, double-check that the customer's name matches the name on the bags or boxes.

Before handing over the order, ask the customer if the order is the one they ordered. When you reach the address the customer has given you, remember that you can go one step further and get in touch with the customer. Say hello to the customer, and ask under which name the order was placed. This will also help you to see if you are delivering the right order!