How can I log out of the app?

If you want to manage your time more efficiently when delivering orders, this subpage is for you - we'd like to remind you how easy it is to log out of the app if you don't want to receive any more orders at the moment or you're taking a break.

So if you are planning to log out, you can definitely plan your disconnection in the Wolt Courier Partner App itself. How to do it?

If you use the "Go offline after current tasks" function in the app, the system will "disconnect" you when all the currently assigned orders have been delivered. This way, you can plan your time perfectly and avoid any problems with your orders being delivered - they won't be late because they won't be suddenly reassigned to other courier partners. 🚀

We also remind you that when Wolt's courier partners receive an order, we give them the option of accepting or rejecting it - so you can also feel free to log out of the app if your order is rejected.

And we recommend that you leave feedback when you go offline - every comment you leave is carefully reviewed. Your feedback is very important to us!