Ordering/Exchanging/Returning Equipment

Some of you have probably already noticed that the procedure for picking up, exchanging or returning equipment has changed some time ago. This is due to the fact that we started our cooperation with the parcel center "Allparcels", as a result of which we abandoned all warehouses and moved all equipment to one place. These partners of ours will deliver every piece of equipment that is issued to you at your convenience: you can pick up the equipment at the warehouse or choose the method of delivery to your home. Regardless of the recipient's city, they make sure that the package is delivered in the most acceptable and convenient way ✌So you no longer need to worry about the questions "how and when to get to the warehouse?" - all shipping or return work will be done by our partners 👌

Our partners' main warehouse is located in Vilnius, but that's not a problem - from here, the parcel centre can deliver your equipment to any address you specify for FREE. The equipment will arrive packed, so we also expect you to pack the equipment tightly when you return/exchange it. Once you have registered to pick up, exchange or return your equipment, you will receive a notification from our partners within 1-2 days confirming the delivery of your parcel (which will also include the parcel number), which will also reach you within a few days. 💙

Our support team can share pickup/exchange/return links with you!

And registering to collect, return or exchange equipment is as easy as ever - all in one registration form! Important to note:

You will no longer need to enter your name, phone number and email address - this information will be integrated automatically from your courier-partner account!

Each link on the equipment registration form is unique to you and cannot be shared. You can access this form in several ways: by contacting our support team or by going to the help section in the courier-partner app.