Hi! On this Wolt Courier Partners subpage you have the opportunity to get acquainted with a wide range of information that is relevant only to the city of Marijampolė.

Anyone using Wolt's services in Marijampolė can place orders at any day of the week. To make it easier for you, we share the opening times of the Wolt app, during which customers can place and you can receive orders.

We would also like to share with you the hot spots of Marijampolė. These are the places with the highest concentration of restaurants and shops.

The more restaurants and/or shops near you, the more likely you are to get orders and maximise your income. It is a good idea to join in these areas and move towards them after deliveries have been made, thus maximising the number of delivery orders.

Wolt Heroes ''Facebook'' group

Wolt courier partners have their own Facebook group. You can find a lot of useful information there, so if you haven't joined yet, we recommend you do!