How to behave in the restaurant?

We'd like to remind you of a few important things that will help you to be a real superhero when you arrive at the restaurant to take your order.

1. Make sure you take the order of the customer whose name you see on your app.

2. Don't forget that both you and the restaurant can see the order number. This can also help identify the order.

3. Check the number of dishes in the order. It is true that there are some restaurants that pack in such a way that it is impossible to check, so you can ask the restaurant staff if the order is packed to capacity.

4. If the order is not marked as ready, wait for it outside.

5. Be polite !

6. Feel free to ask questions and clarify information with the restaurant staff.

Remember and understand that a rushed order or an incomplete order costs a lot of nerves, fuel costs, time and quality. And our goal is high quality and happy customers who order more and more.