Tips left by customers

Customers can tip you directly in cash.

Alternatively, customers have the option to leave a tip through the app by specifying the amount they want. 100% of the tips that customers can leave in cash and via the app are available to you!

Customers can leave a tip in the app in two ways: before and after the order.

It's a simple, convenient and sincere way for customers to express their gratitude to our dedicated Wolt courier partners!

The main advantage of post-order tips:

Increased earnings: courier partners will have the opportunity to earn even more income for their excellent service;

How leaving a tip after an order works:

1. Once the order has been received, customers will be able to leave a tip with their courier-partner within 24 hours of delivery.

2. Tipping is completely voluntary and the amount of the tip is chosen by the customer based on their satisfaction with the service. However, never ask customers to leave a tip after delivery!

3. Our courier partners will receive 100% of the tips they receive, so their performance will be immediately recognised financially. We are committed to ensuring that post-order tipping is a fair and transparent system 😊