How do I behave when I arrive at the shop?

Remember that nowadays on the Wolt platform, customers can not only order from their favorite restaurants, but they can also order the products they need from shops! The Wolt platform is home to brands such as Rimi, Topo Centras, Samsung and countless other stores, and the number is growing every day. And the bigger the number, the more orders and the more earnings!

This time, we'd like to share some tips that are sure to be useful when delivering orders from shops:

  • As with restaurant deliveries, always make sure you take the order of the customer whose name you see on your app.

  • Increasingly, we are seeing higher-value orders from a variety of shops and stores, and we don't want them to go to the wrong hands and leave us with the financial consequences.

  • Some orders won't even need our bag! Some shops drop off their orders already in their bags or boxes, so it's up to you to make sure they reach the customer successfully.

  • If you still don't want to receive orders from these or other shops, please let us know. Important: You can opt out of receiving orders from our merchant partners, but this will mean that you won't receive orders from all merchants (shops, flower shops, etc.) Please weigh this option carefully, as opting out may reduce your earnings.

Remember and understand that a rushed or incomplete order costs a lot of nerves, fuel costs, time and quality. And our goal is high quality and happy customers who order more and more.