Guide: How do I pack my equipment for return/exchange?

We would like to remind you that unused courier-partner equipment should be returned and made usable to other courier-partners who are waiting for the bags. There are a few important things we would like to ask you to do when you return the equipment:

  • We would like to remind you to pack your equipment as you originally receive it. The equipment can be placed in a box or garbage bag and packed tightly so that the contents of the parcel are not visible during transport, nor is it damaged by environmental factors.

  • Always try to get back to the couriers who want to pick up/drop off/exchange parcels from you to speed up the process and avoid having to organise a new request.

  • If you can't pack your equipment - don't put the sticker on the outside of the bag, but instead wrap it around the carrying handle. Once the sticker is on the bag, it does not come off, or comes off easily, and the bags themselves have to be cleaned later. Sometimes the sticker falls off in transit, making it difficult to trace the recipient.

Please find attached a few photos to help you understand how the gear should be packed: