Delivery of age-restricted products

We have recently introduced a new feature on our platform for customers to order age-restricted products: alcoholic and energy drinks.

Changes that came with the introduction of alcoholic beverages.

Experience in other markets, as well as in our own, and feedback from our customers, suggest that the increase in orders will be felt by all those who choose to take delivery of alcoholic beverages. The increase in orders will help you to increase your income!

We would also like to clarify that according to the laws of the Republic of Lithuania, orders containing alcoholic beverages cannot be fulfilled by our courier partners who have not yet reached the age of eighteen.

What if I don't want to deliver orders containing alcohol?

It's really very simple: first of all, if you don't want to order alcoholic beverages, there is no need to read the material! Also, if you decide to opt out of this type of order in the future, please make sure to let us know via the app or by email - - so that we can take you off the list!

It is important to note that refusal to deliver alcoholic beverages will result in the non-availability of orders from shops and restaurants that sell these beverages. So we recommend that you take this into account before making a decision, as it will determine the number of orders you receive and your income!

What do I need to know when delivering orders on the Wolt platform?

Under Lithuanian law, alcoholic beverages can be purchased by persons aged at least 20 years. It is very important to verify this information by asking the customer to show proof of age before placing the order.

Relevant documents include:

1. Identity card

2. Passport

3. Driving licence

4. Residence permit issued by the Lithuanian Migration Service

The wrong documents are:

1. Student ID (LSP and ISIC)

2. Birth certificate

3. Copies of documents.

It is very important to make sure that the document is valid and issued by the relevant authorities. Below, we share with you examples of suitable and unsuitable identity documents.

Appropriate identity documents:

Inappropriate identity documents:

If the customer cannot confirm his/her age or is under 20 years of age at the time of order delivery, the service of alcoholic beverages is strictly prohibited. In this case, the support team should be contacted as soon as possible, the customer should be served the order without these drinks, and the drinks should be taken back to the shop or restaurant after receiving a reply from the assistance team. You will be reimbursed for this return!

Customer identification data verification function

We also have a customer data verification feature in the Wolt courier-partner app to help you identify orders with age-restricted products!

When you pick up your order in the Courier-Partners app, you may immediately see the message ''Customer ID verification'', which indicates that the order contains alcoholic or energy drinks.

Before the order is delivered to the customer, you will see another reminder in your app to make sure the customer's identity is checked. Once you have verified the correct ID and given the order to the customer, you need to note that you understand that this order contains age-restricted products and that you have verified the customer's identification and ensured that the customer has the right to withdraw this order:

If you are unable to validate the customer's details and ensure that the customer is of the correct age, you should click on the ''I am unable to verify ID'' button.

If you check that you are unable to confirm your customer's identification details, a chat will open with our support team to help you coordinate the remaining delivery steps.