How to optimise your earnings?

Plan your time

As a reminder, planning when and where to join can have a significant impact on your income. Use the chart below to see the best times to log in to the app!

It's a good idea to join earlier than you think and jump in to the app at peak times 🕚

Our customers tend to get hungry at the same time every day, but their hunger comes earlier than you might think. Sometimes many courier partners join around 12:00 or 18:00, but most orders start arriving as early as 11:00 and 17:00.

Keep in mind that by joining earlier, when the number of orders is very high, you can deliver more orders in less time, further optimising your revenue and time spent with Wolt. Please note that the delivery base fee is calculated when the order is accepted, so if you pick up your order at 11:05 you will already receive the peak rate.

Very often, we have situations where orders in lunchtime start to spike before 11 o'clock, while courier number peak an hour later, when lunch is about to end. This late login to the app not only reduces your earnings, but also severely disappoints our customers. 😌

When our customers open the app between 11:30 and 12:30, and notice that we are currently experiencing very busy times and a shortage of couriers, they tend to change their minds and decide not to place their order. So we lose sales, you lose some of the potential earnings you could have collected and customers are left frustrated and hungry. So we strongly encourage you to join us a little earlier during the lunch rush to take advantage of the opportunity to optimise your time and increase your income! 💪

Please find attached a schedule of the number of heroes on order/online at lunchtime. Please note that the yellow bar represents the number of orders and the blue bar the number of courier partners online:

Courier partner activity in the morning ❗️

Many thanks to our heroes who help us reach hungry customers from the earliest morning 💙 However, the morning activity, or rather inactivity, of our courier-partners is sometimes worrying. When the courier partner activity drops, we face a number of challenges. First of all, we have to restrict our customers to place morning orders, which only leads to a loss of loyalty and, of course, of orders... As you know, your earnings suffers because the more orders - the more earnings for the courier-partners. And we don't want to solve the problem by adding other courier partners to our community. We ask for your understanding and help as the city grows, because it's not for nothing that they say: if you get up early, you won't regret it 🙏