You can borrow waterproof jackets, t-shirts and specially designed food bags from Wolt.

Registering to pick up your equipment is very easy - it's all in one registration form! No need to enter your name, phone number and email address - this information will be integrated automatically from your courier-partner account! Each link on the equipment registration form is unique to you and cannot be shared. You can access this form in several ways: by contacting our support team or by going to the help section in the courier-partner app.

As a Wolt courier partner, it is your responsibility to ensure that your orders are delivered with a tidy bag. A clean bag is essential to ensure the quality of the food and good service. So how efficiently and how often should you maintain your bag? The simplest answer is that you should clean your bag every day, before you start delivering orders! Only by keeping it clean after each delivery, removing food residues and leaving it open to dry, can you prevent the growth of bacteria in your basket!