''Conversations with Wolt couriers partners''

Last year, we introduced a new and unprecedented concept on our market - ''Conversations with Wolt's courier-partners''! It aims to keep in close contact with our courier-partner community and to share best practices, experiences and daily routines that are not necessarily related to the courier-partner's activities 💥

Introducing the second guest of these talks - Marius V., who is operating in Vilnius and Palanga!

Thank you, Marius, for having a chat with us and for answering our questions so honestly and openly 💪

How long have you been a courier-partner and what made you want to join the Wolt Courier-partner team?

I love cycling, I cycle a lot and often. One day I thought, why not make money from this hobby? I called the tax office, got a self-employed certificate and became a courier-partner at Wolt. It's been more than a year now.

Which places in the city give you the most positive emotions when doing deliveries?

Working as a courier-partner for Wolt, I rediscovered the city: the narrow, shorter roads, the interesting courtyards and crossroads, the new places I would probably never have found otherwise. However, the most beautiful and enjoyable rides are always in the Old Town. We talked a lot at school about how special it is in Vilnius, but when I ride my bike I feel that magical feeling live and it always lifts my spirits and inspires me.

How do you deal with stressful or difficult situations when delivering orders?

Probably like in any job, couriers sometimes experience stressful situations - delayed orders, incorrect addresses, accidents, hungry (or maybe not in the mood for it?) customers. But I think these are not difficulties, they are challenges. It's not what happens, but how you look at it. I usually choose to react to stress with humour - for example, the last time I was delivering a pizza, the navigation system insisted that Aldona, who wanted to eat, was living in the cemetery... On a more serious note, I always get help from the friendly team at Wolt Support, who respond very quickly and help me solve any problems.

''Wolt'' encourage communication and cooperation between people. Do you communicate with other members of the community?

Yes, indeed! I've made new friends through my work, and I often talk to them when I have a quieter half-hour between orders or when I decide to take a break. We consult each other when we have a work-related question, advise each other on how to get from A to B faster, and, of course, joke around!

Did you learn something new as a Wolt courier-partner?

Working at Wolt encourages interaction with people, improves orientation in the city and increases agility! I've always enjoyed socialising, but now it's even easier to talk to a stranger, ask for directions or cheer up people waiting for food that their treats have had an adventure-free ride and are still hot! I've learned how to deliver orders quickly and efficiently, how to ignore small glitches, how not to get lost and how to be more confident. I have also become more responsible and serious about the traffic on the road, because I am not only responsible for myself and the people around me, but also for the food I am transporting.

What are your hobbies?

I have more hobbies than I have time to develop them. I'm a videographer and photographer, I edit video clips, I bought a drone this year and took the exam to get the official licence to fly it. I am learning to play the guitar and drums, sailing, going to a sports club, and volunteering for the Rimantas Kaukėnas Charity Foundation for a generation. I have to plan my time very well in order to do everything I want to do, so I definitely have room for improvement in this area. However, it's very convenient that when I work for Wolt I am my own boss - I work when I can and as much as I can.

Is there a song that immediately comes to your mind when you think of Palanga?

In the past, when I used to holiday here with my family, we used to be greeted by V.Katunskytė's "Robis", but when I'm delivering food, I always have a headphone in one of my ears and it's playing - (It goes like) Na Na Na Na by Peggy Gou.

What would you wish for your colleagues in the courier-partner activity?

Don't be lazy! Grab your bike, fire up the Wolt Partners app and go! The food won't deliver itself, and the best "bonus" this job offers is free sport. Where else can you find workouts that also get you money?