One step closer to Spring!

We are excited to see how you are building your business together with Wolt! Thank you for that! We are going towards Spring and the first ambassador of it's approaching is St.Valentine's day! This is a day full of love but it's also one of the greatest days in Wolt platform - super active, super busy. Please plan to join and enjoy great incomes! We will be sending separate Valentine's information - please follow and do not miss it!

Care about your Wolt Partner profile

Please be informed that we are changing the way we send out our newsletters: we are doing away with the biweekly Thursday newsletters, but we are keeping the monthly newsletters 🙏 It is important to mention that the monthly newsletters will not necessarily arrive on the first Tuesday of the month, as it used to be the case 😊 The reduction of the amount of newsletters is an important step in order to tidy up the flow of information and to improve the popularity of the newsletter and its reading. In today's environment of unwanted information, it is important to be selective about what information we receive. Often, newsletters sent for couriers partners are mass and impersonal, and may have little relevance or even annoy recipients. By opting out of such newsletters, we can not only save time on removing unnecessary information, but also ensure that our newsletters are only focused on the most relevant messages. This helps to avoid excessive amounts of information that can cause inconvenience and reduce productivity!

Tips - Importance of delivery bag

Why is the bag important?

You always deliver food from the restaurant in a Wolt bag that matches your chosen vehicle type, right? The use of a suitable transport bag is one of the things required by food hygiene legislation. The bag helps to ensure that the food maintains the required temperature and is therefore safe to use.

The Merchants should see that food is being placed directly into the bag when picked up, thus minimizing the time it could reduce the quality of the food being transported. The customer should see the same thing, and the food should leave the bag before his eyes.

Everyone wants to receive their food as close as possible to the condition it would be in a restaurant. Have you noticed how quickly food cools down? Therefore, it is extremely important to immediately put the food in a thermal bag and only take it out when you meet the customer.

Yes - sometimes the bag is heavy, because there are several orders in it, but even with a full bag you should go to a restaurant to pick the order, or to a customer.

Please make sure that the bag is always completely closed!

Bag for every vehicle type!

As we mentioned earlier - the customer's desire is to receive food as close as possible to what is served in the restaurant - it is not only the temperature of the food, but also the appearance. That is why each type of vehicle has a proper bag that preserves the visual presentation of the meal as much as possible. Please follow this, but if you want to change the vehicle, first apply for a change of equipment in your Partner app!

Pizza time!

Pizza is one of the most popular customer choices on our platform, but pizza is also on the list of foods that should be transported with extra care. Unfortunately, from time to time we receive reviews from restaurants and customers about damaged pizzas caused by improperly placed them in the bag - the pizza can only be carried horizontally. If you have a pizza in your bag - please carry it very carefully - do not swing it over the bag. Please always keep the pizza in the bag, even if the package exceeds the dimensions of the bag.

How would you feel receiving your meal from a dirty bag?

You are a Courier-partner but also can be a customer at any time. Therefore, our sincere advice to you - when delivering food, act according to that how you would like to receive your meal.

It is important to monitor the cleanliness and quality of the bag every day. We offer insight into how to successfully care for equipment.

Please find more info here:

New newsletter procedure 💫

We are happy to have cooperation with you! You are free to choose when and how to make deliveries, but you have to care about your Wolt profile and not share access to it. Only you can use your profile for accessing Wolt platform. Unfortunately we will be pushed to terminate our partnership if your profile will be used by somebody else. We do not wanna do this - please stay with us!

Please remember that in case of any damage to the bag, you can exchange it free of charge using the application form in the Partner app. Be professional and enjoy bringing joy to others!

The payment cycles:

At the end of the payment cycle you will see a balance change in your app - this means that money has moved to the payout process, which requires some time. You should receive an invoice and money till the end of payout day. Only if you did not get your earnings after this date - please contact us then*.

* Payment time also depends on your bank's processing time for incoming payments.

*To receive a payment, you must have an active self-employed status or a company contract with Wolt.

The first payment cycle is from the 1st to the 7th day of the month, with payments reaching you from the 8th to the 9th day of the month;

Second payment cycle - from the 8th to the 15th day of the month, payments will reach you from the 19th to the 20th day of the month;

Third payment cycle - from the 16th to the 22nd day of the month, payments will reach you from the 23rd to the 26th day of the month;

Fourth payment cycle - from the 23rd to the last day of the month, payments will reach you from the 1st to the 4th of March.

Have a great month of February! Love and be loved and be ready for Spring! It's coming!