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News and important reminders

Easter 🥚

This April, we welcome the biggest celebration of spring - Easter. 🎉 It is sometimes said that the New Year is a celebration of new beginnings, but we can say that Easter is a true celebration of beginnings, because as nature awakens, it also brings more energy and positivity, which is the real driving force. 💪 So let's wake up from our deep winter sleep and let's move forward with joy! And let's not forget that the festive period is a great time to replenish our pockets with more earnings 🚀Don't miss this golden chance to join in and deliver orders from restaurants and shops to customers who have missed out on Easter dishes on their festive table 😊

''Collective Benefits''

Introducing a new monthly newsletter section that will keep you up to date with the latest news on our beloved Collective Benefits platform 😊 We will remind you about new or existing partners 🙏 On this platform you will have the opportunity to see all the discounts Wolt's courier partners have given you on technology, food and beverages, on your vehicle and much more!

Today we would like to introduce you to our newest partner: e-transport shop Riedis.lt 🎉 The e-transport season has already started, and we definitely have courier-partners in our community who operate with e-transport, so we believe that this unique offer will be relevant and needed 😊

You can find out more about this and other offers for Wolt courier partners by going to your Wolt Partner app, clicking on the three dashes in the top left and selecting the "Benefits and insurance" tab. When a new window opens and you click on the "Open dashboard" button, all you have to do is select the country you operate in and log in with the same details as you do in the Wolt Partner app 💪

24-hour delivery in Vilnius! 💰

We are pleased to announce that from 12 April, we are offering 24-hour, 7-day-a-week delivery for our customers in Vilnius! This means that no matter what time of day or night, our customers can enjoy their favourite dishes and products delivered to their homes. ⌚More news coming soon, so don't forget to follow our communications 😊

Car parking

There are cases where courier partners have been fined for incorrectly parked cars. As a reminder, the rules of the road apply to everyone. ❗ Exceptions apply only to special vehicles (fire, ambulance and police). Unfortunately, there are no exemptions for any other vehicles and we cannot change this. 🙏

Test for switching to bundled order delivery mode ❗

Since any task can be instantly rejected, We plan to move away from the single order mode to a bundled order mode, which means even more earning potential. 😊

As you know, we’ve recently introduced the reject button also in Bundled Delivery Mode. This means that you can reject any task we offer with a simple push of a button (previously for bundled tasks there was a delay or you needed to contact support).

As any task can now be instantly rejected, we can update the Wolt Partner App to only have one delivery mode - as of April 11th , we’re removing the Single Delivery Mode option to 50% of randomly selected courier partners, who will only have Bundled Delivery Mode.

What this means:

1. On April 11th we will ask you to update the Partner App

2.The only available mode will be Bundle Delivery, so the app will not ask you to pick a mode

3. You can reject any task with a push of a button (no delay, no support needed)

4.Bundled Delivery Mode provides better opportunities as you can be offered more tasks

5.The estimated fee per task will be shown before you decide to accept or reject it - including bundled orders

6. This is a trial that will only affect 50% of randomly selected courier-partners.

What if I don’t want to deliver in Bundled Mode?

We really hope that the reject button for any and all tasks provides you with the flexibility you’re used to in Single Delivery mode - and we really hope you give it a chance. On April 11th couriers partners, who will take part in the test, will be asked to switch to Bundled Delivery Mode if they want to continue to deliver on the Wolt Courier Partner app.

Winners of the month 🏆

We have a nomination again this month! Winners in each city will receive prizes and gift vouchers from our partners ️

P.S. Each winner will be contacted by email!


Wolt Operation team